TMJ Diet and Exercise Treatments

For patients of TMJ, there a variety of treatments that can be pursued to relieve symptoms such as pain. Some people prefer natural methods to medications however. For those types of patients, lifestyle modifications are always better than drugs or invasive procedures.

There are two main aspects of your lifestyle you’ll need to modify in order to treat TMJ. These are diet and jaw exercises. Dietary modification for the treatment is not widely practiced by physicians but changing a few things here and there in your diet can prove to be greatly beneficial.

The most important thing you have to look at when choosing your food is its consistency. The jaw, especially if in a fragile and damaged state, should not be overworked. Excessive straining on hard or chewy foods will result in the symptoms becoming even worse. That is why soft foods that require less effort to bite and chew are always preferable.

As for jaw exercises, these are simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home, in front of your mirror. They aim to relieve the tension and spasm in the jaw muscles thus helping to correct the jaw alignment. These should be observed regularly to produce tangible results.

Never neglect to consult your physician regarding your condition. Keep in mind that not all TMJ patients are the same and some conditions are more grave than others, therefore requiring a different type of treatment to alleviate the symptoms and prevent their recurrence.